Introduction to the Zentangle Method – Term 4 – Daytime

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This event is running from 17 October 2019 until 5 December 2019. It is next occurring on October 24, 2019 1:00 pm

  • Venue: Risingholme Community Centre
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Starting on Thursday 17th October and running for eight consecutive Thursday afternoons, this course is packed with a fun filled two hours a week.  It will provide a beginner tangler with a deeper background in the history and techniques of Zentangle.  As I’ll introduce you to the basics steps of the method, lots of tangles, tips, enhancements, and associated vocabulary and tools and fifty + tangles.  It’s a great introduction to get you up and running, in a group environment with materials provided throughout the course.

As with all my courses, it is essential please that you enrol in advance, so that the venues can confirm numbers attending.

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