Monthly Tangle

Event Details

It’s fun tangling together!  Join in with a monthly tangle group at South Library in Beckenham for some bigger project work – usually in the third week of the month alternating between a Thursday morning or a Friday afternoon.  We’ll usually tangle a bigger piece of work, particular style, topic or project.   Please email in advance so I can sort prep and and advise you if certain materials are needed in addition to your usual tangling kit.

February Topic – Working on a journey, in our case a labyrinth on an Opus tile, you’ll build your own labyrinth and we’ll tangle the journey to the centre and back. Cost $45 for the session including materials – just bring your pens and pencils.  Please indicate your intention by clicking here. (Next ones April 24th and June 19th)

Please Note: These classes are set up for people who already tangle whether through previous courses of mine, or self learners.  For example do you know 50+ tangles?  Know some techniques for shading, enhancements, tangleations etc? – These would be helpful to know before signing up to these sessions,  I’d hate you to get a little lost at the pace.

If you are a beginner: I recommend an Essentials course

If you have more time: I recommend a longer course 

If you want to experiment: I recommend a Zentangle Inspired Art (ZIA) course