Monthly Tangle

Event Details

Join in with a monthly tangle group at South Library in Beckenham for some bigger project work – usually in the third week of the month alternating between a Thursday morning or a Friday afternoon.  We’ll usually tangle a bigger piece of work, particular style, topic or project.   Please email in advance so I can sort prep and and advise you if certain materials are needed in addition to your usual tangling kit.

July Topic – Tealight Tangling  – Cost $40 for the session including materials – just bring your pens.  I’ll bring along the materials for us to make our own tangled tealight covers, and some battery operated lights to insert inside. It might be getting to lighter evenings, but there is still plenty of winter dark to show them off.

Please Note: These classes are set up for people who already tangle whether through previous courses of mine, or self learners.  For example do you know 50+ tangles?  Know some techniques for shading, enhancements, tangleations etc? – These would be helpful to know before signing up to these sessions,  I’d hate you to get a little lost at the pace.