Glossary, Glossar, Glossaire, Woordenijst

As people from all over the world expand the technique, newly created tangle patterns are given different and unusual names. Additionally a whole vocabulary of terms and techniques have been born through Zentangle, or adapted with a Zentangle context. So to help, I have put together a comprehensive glossary of tangling terms on my website, so the new-to-tangling can understand some of the terms spoken that perhaps experienced tanglers might be talking about. Check out the Zentangle Glossary Also in French, German, and Dutch.

Tangle pattern names often have strange spellings. Tangle creators usually invent a new name for a tangle to make them different from existing words – certainly that make it easier to locate them online.

Their names may be given in honour of a person, influenced by the location of where the tangle came from or where the original pattern was spotted before it was deconstructed. Or perhaps there was a story, a moment in time that the person deconstructing the pattern that resonates with the tangle. Sometimes coming up with the name of a tangle can be just as much fun as deconstructing it, and new ‘fantasy’ words can be fun to build, just as much as creating a new tangle pattern.

Although there are tanglers all over the world creating new tangles, it is great that they can use word-building for naming tangles to step over language barriers and communicate across the globe with patterns.

And because however comprehensive I think it is, at the bottom of the glossary page – there is a submission form box. So if there is a term you have come across that I haven’t included – please do let me know so I can add it. If it is a technique that can be attributed to a person, do let me know who that was – always good to acknowledge who started it. I imagine this is a resource that keep building as the community of tangles and tanglers builds too.