Links & other useful stuff

Looking for a particular tangle pattern, there are a few websites dedicated to listing them, with links to step outs, and some other useful reading options on all things tangling!

  • TanglePatterns – Linda Farmer a CZT who hosts a wide collection of tangles with links to their “step-outs” (instructions) created by tanglers from all over this world. Tangles updated all the time.
  • Musterquelle ( — another tangle pattern collection, with a section in Reticula and Fragments. Us the language selector to translate from German. Tangles updated all the time.
  • Blog Zentangle – The individual blog posts are fun reading, definitely worth hunting through some older ones.
  • Favorite Tangle Patterns List by Eni Oken — One of the CZT who teaches online, and through videos and e-books.  You can also subscribe to her Art Club for a fee.  Search through her website from here.
  • Tangle List – has a list of the tangles that came out of, often referred to as ‘official’ tangles, but other just say ‘Tangles from ZenHQ’.
  • Looking for lessons in Wellington see Monique’s EasyNowMindfullness

Other options for more general info and options for prompts:

  • Zentangle’s Newsletter and smartphone app – the free newsletter has great tips and tricks, and the app gives you a visual ‘waterfall’ of tiles and ZIA which others have uploaded to inspire you.
  • Youtube: Contains all the videos for all the project packs, also Melinda Barlow of Inkidoodles has a collection of videos and techniques she has covered in video format. Anne Toth a fellow New Zealand based CZT has also started here own Kiaoracle Youtube channel for tangles. I have some of my own Youtube videos here, a mixture of lessons or tips I have taught in person, and a few time-lapse videos of various scale!
  • Prompt lists or challenges are listed below. These are here to help you be inspired. Written up to cover different months, these change all the time, some have links, some just have names, so hopefully you will be able to search for them yourselves – as these rotate every year, the links may be for the previous year – but hopefully you can find it still.
    • 7F5R do a fragment month in January called A Fragment of your Imagination
    • Anoeska Waardenbury does a Zenuari (January) prompt list (via Facebook)
    • Marguerite Samama’s Valentangle – 14 days in February to Valentine’s Day
    • Spanish CZTs Sara Ponce and Pilar Pulido Women Tangle prompts in early March
    • Juliette Flessinger Tanglefolie for 10 days in mid March
    • Arja de Lange-Huisman does Festina Lente for the 7 weeks before Easter (via Facebook)
    • A collection of Japanese CZT to a To You Tangle list for the month of June – started 2021
    • Lisa Anderson does Gratitanglez (FB group) but you can find the PDF in other places
    • Tina Raymaekers does a Zinchie challenge – you can do this whenever you like
    • Stephanie Jennifer does a Zentangle Inktober version of the creative Jake Parker’s Inktober – creative prompts for the month of October.
    • do a 12 days of Zentangle – starts 1st December annually
    • There are more than these, but hopefully these are a start. (If you have one to list let me know, I can add it!)
  • Facebook groups: There are too many to mention here, whether you want something generic or specific to a particular theme e.g. fragments, dingbatz, monotangles etc. Here are a few: