Wall Tangling

You can read more about this type of project on Zentangle.com’s Blog where I was featured at the start of 2023 with my Community Wall Tangling events. Please feel free to leave a comment on the Blog too!

If you want to do some of your own BIG scale tangling, or host your own Wall Tangling event, you might find one or both of these two PDFs of tips helpful. Spread the word and cover the walls big time!

Previously held events listed below:

Climate Action Campus

Working with the Christchurch City Council Graffiti Programme, and Climate Action Campus I have been doing some wall tangling as part of the development of A-MAZE of Art; designs within the campus using the classrooms, fences, courts, pathways, as the MAZE walls. The Climate Action campus is host to a hub of activity; to primary and secondary schools in Christchurch, as it grows they see there being businesses reaching out to the community and locals to be proud of their community with markets soon to start on site. Meanwhile us artists are developing the walls! So more to come, but the public viewings start on Sat 22nd June between 10am – 2pm and Wednesdays after that date from12noon – 3pm – Christchurch’s largest outdoor art gallery. 24 Cowlishaw Street, Avonside. Many thanks to Resene paint test pots and Posca pens!

Community Zentangle Feb 2024

Over 325 different tangles were on the wall – VERY large scale, 30 sqm of tangling to be exact, two canvases done by the community, one by the clients and staff of Chch City Mission, and a couple of solo canvases illustrating a more traditional string set up and another with colour added.

Each person has filled one section (or more) with (mostly) one tangle at a time, drawing lines step by step that make up a particular tangle and then adding any odd and fun embellishments before shading to complete their section. Sometimes two tangles may morph together, sometimes you may see the same tangle drawn by two different people – each person will add the tangle in a different style, woven together in a giant W2 string!

1st February to 29th February 2024 at South Library in Beckenham , 66 Colombo Street

South Library Feb 2023

Just to let you know if you participated – or are just interested to see the fantastic result of all the Wall Tangling sessions from 2022 – head down to South Library some time in February 23 to see all the epic sized tangling on the Gallery Walls.

And below is the time lapse video of the July 2022 edition, and hopefully it will get you excited to see the final finished work on the walls.

If after you have seen it, and are keen to learn more, I have an intro day classes at Risingholme Learning throughout 2023, in Opawa in Chch.

Congratulations everyone! (Previous years artworks are below)

It was amazing to produce this enormous piece of art, with a team of tanglers that turned up to join in the fun.  Completed the border with some shading, and the remaining 6 tiny spaces that need to get filled after the 5 days of tangling, and then it was on show at CCC’s South Library Gallery Wall for the month of February 2022, watch the time-lapse below to view this incredible piece of tangling work unfold. (Although my camera skills weren’t in focus for day 5, but I am sure you will get the general idea!)

Ta- dah!!!!!!

TangleatioNZ and Life in Vacant Spaces joined together for a creative community project over five days in September/ October 2021, to ‘tangle’ some patterns on the wall at LiVS’s site in Waltham. It was delightful to make it happen.

In situ behind the fiction shelves! 168 tangles on display! by a Team of Tanglers: Al, Alice, Arthur, Caitlyn, Carol, Caroline, Elsie, Evie, James, Jess, Jinting, Kale, Kim, Liz, Michelle, Nicky, Rachel, Sam, Sharon, Shijuan, Tish, Trish and Ildica

This is what happens when three CZTs get together for a weekend! When Beate Winkler came to Auckland and at Anne Toth’s place, we drew on the walls together.

Watch the timelapse of the previous wall
A little bit of practice, (can you spot the cat!)