A wreath is an assortment of flowers, leaves, fruits, twigs, or various materials that is constructed to form a ring. The circular shape can mean eternity (no beginning, no end), the circle of life, growth and everlasting life.  In ancient times a wreath was a way of celebrating victory or protection, perfect for tangling creativity. I have designed eight different wreath strings, inspired by real-life flower wreaths, to use as a decorative string for your use.

There is a choice of downloadable PDFs in A4 or Letter format with various wreath strings on which to base your tangleations. There are several themes  – orb, leaf, lineal, organic, mixtures etc, so there is bound to be one most suitable for your choice of tangle. I have drawn them in grey ink, so when you print it out, it acts like a faint string. Or of course you can copy the string out roughly on your favourite paper and do it on that.

    Enjoy using these strings for your own tangling; if you post the end results on social media, please do me the courtesy of tagging it with “@tangleationz #wreathstring” šŸ™‚

    If you intend to use them for teaching purposes, please contact me to let me know.