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Ildica Boyd

St Martins
Christchurch, NZ
0220 453 422

My journey began with Zentangle back in 2015 when I found a book on my mum’s desk which looked far more interesting than why I was borrowing her desk. She told me that her sister had given it to her, but that she hadn’t had time to put her nose in it – ‘Christmas pressie for me perhaps?’ I asked.

And so it was, a few months later I grabbed a set of pens, a pencil and never looked back, such was the joy out of creating patterns. In 2017 I attended the 27th Certified Zentangle Trainer Seminar, and became in CZT, and back to Christchurch teach classes here. In 2021 unable to travel back to Rhode Island, I attended Zen Again seminar remotely as did lots of other CZTs around the world in it’s supportive and vibrant community. I also began to teach online to tanglers, and also presenting lessons to other CZTs through Artifex Eruditio Spring and Autumn editions.

I am always delighted to spread the passion of patterns as a relaxing and creative way. Whether you choose to tangle only for yourself as a tool for calm, expanding your imagination, or use it for practical purposes, such as making cards and gifts, it is a delightful ‘no mistakes’ way to discover your hidden artistic abilities.

And to finish the story, six months later, my mum was given another copy of the same book, so thinking someone was trying to tell her something, she delved in, and now we tangle artwork back and forth between us (and her sister too!)


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