Tips & Tricks

Switching the Elements

Thinking about the wonderful simple strokes that make up Zentangle lines – a dot . a curve C, a double curve S, and a line I.
Spend a bit of time thinking about the fun you could have switching them up. A simple way to create some tangleations (variations of the tangle) is by switching the elemental stroke you use.
It’s a great way to play with tangling, as you don’t need to learn a new tangle, you can choose some you already know well and have fun playing switch with your elemental strokes. So where there is a straight line – draw it curved, and then try vice versa. Instead of a single curve can it work with a double curved line?

It doesn’t take too much thinking once you get into it. You can still be mindful with your pen, no decision making (other than not doing the elemental stroke you usually do) , as you know what your next step of the tangle is going to be, as you already know that tangle; it is easy to let the structure flow. So the switch from curve to straight or the straight to the curve and relish the ‘opposite’ creative results.

So here are my opposite element tangleations on Flux, Arukas, Henna Drum and Jonqual. A fun pair of tiles.

Wall Tangling in Christchurch

Have you ever wanted to draw on the wall?

TangleatioNZ and Life in Vacant Spaces have joined together for a creative community project over five days in September, to ‘tangle’ some patterns on the wall at LiVS’s site in Waltham. So…..

  • Do you tangle? Have you considered going BIG scale? – If you already tangle, come and add to this collaborative group work on a larger scale, and add your favourite tangles, and learn some new ones!
  • Do you not know what tangling is? Well come and see what it’s all about – and bring a friend too! If you can hold a pen and have a spare half hour to do something creative that will make you feel better, then join in this free community collaborative project to ‘tangle’ a wall. Ildica will be on site to guide you through how to ‘tangle’.  Even if you don’t think you can draw, you may find you take to this wonderful drawing system easily with its step by step process.All materials, full instructions and inspiration given.

If you are a beginner or just starting out, I will be on site to guide you through how to ‘tangle’. For those new to it, Zentangle is a an easy to draw pattern based drawing process, – so bring yourself (or selves) and we’ll get your creative juices showing on a large scale. Full instructions and inspiration given. Even if you don’t think you can draw, you may find you take to this wonderful drawing system easily with it’s step by step process.

Tues 28th, Thurs 30th September and Sat 2nd, Tues 5th & Thurs 7th of October from 2pm – 7pm each day. 

35 Hassals Lane (site of the old Seven Oaks School) in Waltham.

Tips & Tricks

A simple play with the Method

As New Zealand moved into lockdown having been free for 6 months, I thought I’d head back to making things simple. So a nudge to not making life complicated, something to do when you headspace isn’t quite focused. One tile, one tangle, often known as a Mono-tangle. It’s an ideal vehicle for going back to the mindful roots and focussing on the here and now of Zentangle, as you reduce the decision making, putting down one stroke at a time, especially easy with a tangle you know really well. This produces a flow from your pen and encourages your creativity. If you feel under pressure you might just build the tangle on the tile, slowly branching on each element, stroke by stroke, great ones to try are Tripoli, Munchin or Huggins. or you could go a little ‘Crazy’ Huggins……
Or perhaps you want to play, like this wee tile with Printemps. A gorgeous spiral tangle, beautiful for filling in many odd shaped sections of your string. So take each section and draw it with a different attribute, so by the time you have finished you’ll have many tangleations.

Here are some prompts to think about if having an easy play with the tangle Printemps:

– weighted lines
– big and small together
– overlap
– grid like
– round
– ovals
– egg shapes
– with sparkle
– with drama
– with background,
– different rotations,
– heavy dot in the middle – and we haven’t even got to shading options.

Take a moment and a little space for yourself and pick up a tile your favourite tangling pen and enjoy tangling with your favourite tangle!