Tuition & Workshops

Discover patterns in the Zentangle zone! Here are a few options for learning – see what best suits you…

Online Lessons

I am moving to having a mixture of free lessons available on my website and paid lessons which are downloadable to suit your timetable available on the thinkific platform here. I have two series on the platform. ‘Starting with Zentangle‘ (all the basics and beyond 50+ tangles, string, shading, enhancements, tangleations and theory to get you up and running). ‘Tips and Techniques of Zentangle‘ (Drawing behind, Spill out, Optical illusions Size and scale and Tangle in a tangle) or once you have mastered the basics and want to delve deeper in particular areas.

To book my physical/in-person courses

With all my scheduled courses, it is essential please that you enrol in advance, so that the venues can confirm numbers attending.

For Risingholme courses enrol on the Risingholme website. These are 4 week blocks, throughout the year in daytime and evening slots.
For The Drawing Room courses ring 03 366 0033 or email . These are usually short one off sessions which cover many Zentangle Inspired Techniques and craft work which sits will with Zentangle. *Sorry but due to distancing rules, I will have no sessions at The Drawing Room until later in 2022.

For Monthly Tangle sessions – usually the second Friday morning of the month. Click the button on the event. – These are monthly group sessions, where we cover bigger and usually colourful projects, or a deeper study, when 3 hours is a delicious time frame to work with.

One-off scheduled sessions

I run a few different one-off courses at The Drawing Room, mostly around 2 to 2.5 hours in length.

Longer scheduled courses

I really enjoy running a range of longer, multi-session courses at Risingholme.

Tailored Courses


This is a short workshop run as a lunchtime slot for mindfulness in the workplace. Designed to fit into a lunch hour, it covers four tangles, the basics of the philosophy of Zentangle and it’s mindfulness attributes. It’s a compact hour that can change your outlook; whether inspiring creativity, increasing focus, helping with relaxation, or tuning into increased gratitude and social cohesion if working in a group.

Contact me for more details if you think your workplace would like to try this session.

Full calendar of upcoming courses

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If anything mentioned above doesn’t suit or if you have a particular group/time frame in mind, I would be only too delighted to make up a suitable lesson/session/workshop plan and bring it to you in a format and situation that suits you; that may be a retirement home, children/school session or holiday programme – please get in touch, let’s see if we can make something work for you and your group/party/book club/friends.

Feedback about my teaching

She’s encouraging to everyone and enthusiastic, great diagrams and obviously prepared beforehand – it’s fun learning.


What an interesting session I learnt heaps! Thank you.


When I make the time I do enjoy the process and wonder why I don’t make the time more often, I love following along to your advice to help me


So excited to have finished my Covid Lockdown project, took a while but Thank You for the inspiration.


Thank you for your wonderful service. And caring packaging.


My Bio

I have a passion for patterns.  Whether in fabric, paper or other mediums I’ve always loved the look of a wandering line or lines, colours and shapes.  I have been weaving for many years and have done workshops in schools, kindergartens and polytechnics, lectured to groups and through polytechnics and universities in weaving in Australia, Scotland and England. When I found Zentangle it was a more portable method of pattern concepts and design, and just suited and complimented the weaving perfectly.  Due to a continual quest to learn, I obtained my Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT) qualification in 2017, and in 2018 finished my Certificate of Adult and Community Education. I just adore being able to pass on this knowledge and fun, it’s such a privilege to teach, and watch others grow alongside yourself, and Zentangle is such a lovely medium to creatively blossom with a pen and a positive outlook.