Mindfulness Month

On the first of May 2023, I’ll be launching a new series of a Mindfulness Month of tangling. This time within a MonthDone notebook. You can see the intro video here if you want to join in – the short video explains what you’ll need to start – a little notebook, your favourite tangling pen, a pencil and blending tool, and 15 minutes everyday to add a little mindful tangling to your day for the month. if you are local you can buy a monthdone notebook here, or the video explains other options. There are other notebooks on the market approx 10cm by 15cm ( 4inches by 6 inches) that you may be to pick up locally to you, or work in your existing tangling journal. The video below takes you to day one,

A Month of Mindfulness 2022

The Kindness Institute and the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand, launched a mindfulness month in Aug 2022, and as I use Zentangle in a mindfulness way, I wanted to share the practice with others, so I chose 31 different tangles which I felt worked particularly well with keeping your attention to the task in hand. Keeping your focus on nothing else but where your pen is travelling now. There are 31 videos of guiding you through some tangles in a very mindful way on my youtube channel. You can enjoy following along to the videos whenever. They are about 10 to 15 minutes long and each one I hope gives you a collection of tangles, guided along to improve your focus, demonstrated in a mindfulness approach.

Clicking on the image below will take you to the first video.

If you are in NZ or Australia I can send you a pack of small tiles that I use in the videos.

If you are further afield, and would like a set, or other of my ‘own’ products flick me an email, I am sure I can sort something out.