Videos & Online Lessons

You can find my videos available to purchase via my online shop here.

I have shared some free video lessons below.

Online Lessons

My live online lessons are generally collaborative affairs where there is quite a bit of interaction with learners, so to ensure these are as enjoyable and fruitful as possible for all, numbers of attendees may be limited.

If there are no lessons listed here, or you are interested in some individual online tuition, please contact me.


First Time Tangling

A short video to introduce the Zentangle Method. Tangle along to with two simple tangles on a mini tile. The Zentangle Method is a type of mindful drawing which encourages you to bring a deliberate focus and attention to what you are doing in a calm and creative way, which can lead to a lot of fun, whilst settling the mind. If you are new to tangling this is for you!

Video – Bubble String

Born as a response to being locked in “bubbles” during Covid-19 restrictions in NZ, why not try tangling along to this Zentangle ‘bubble string’ lesson from the comfort of your own home.

16 Squared Backgrounds

In these four videos I have grouped together a selection of tangles which I often use when teaching face to face classes, to give people options to fill background areas of tiles, after we have got down our focus tangles of the day. The videos cover various different tangles and techniques to apply to the background. Download the template (A4 and Letter size links below the videos), or do you own reference sheet, and tangle along. Enjoy!

Extend a Tangle

I set this lesson up for online, when we headed into lockdown in 2021. So join in now having fun tangling along to this video using some extending techniques on the wonderful organic tangle of Poke-root. You need only your favourite tile, favourite pen and favourite shading tools, to follow along to the prompts and create a reference tile for ways to extend and do some tangleations of a tangle.

and check out my Mindfulness Month Playlists on YouTube. Have fun!