A Fragment of Your Imagination Book

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The book born out of the Fragment of your Imagination Challenge which unlocks the Fragment and Reticula Zentangle drawing concept. Complete with Reticula worksheets and Fragment postcard. A bundle of Fragment discovery!

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The book is your guide to unlocking the Zentangle Fragment and Reticula concept. This cute square workbook is a companion to explore, understand and play with Fragments, sold with a reference postcard and accompanied with separate Reticulum worksheets the book covers many aspects of how to make the most out of Reticula and gives lots of inspiration for using and creating Fragments. Covering the 5 Fragment shapes and over 50 learning illustrations and even more inspiration drawings as well as referencing online resources, this little book punches above its weight. Co-written by Debbie New and myself.

Designed, self published and printed in New Zealand on 115gsm recycled paper, perfect for drawing within the worksheet pages. Prices in NZD, and shipping depending on your location.

Why not consider adding both my Shading & Enhancements Extendable guides to the parcel, and treat yourself to pocket references with collectively over 300 illustrations, suggestions, motives and ways to enhance your tangles.

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