Original 5xPhive 5 inch (127mm) square tile with deckle edges

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Original 5xPhive tiles 5  inches (127mm) square, die-cut from a mould-made, acid-free, 100% cotton, heavy-weight fine artists’ paper. The die-cut edges echo the natural deckle edges of handmade paper and enhance the overall appearance when you place several tiles together in a mosaic.

Zentangle 5xPhive tiles were first introduced as a component in our Project Pack No. 22. The length of the tile compliments our Zentangle Phi Tile. These 5xPhive tiles have beautiful artwork influenced by phi spirals printed on the backsides of the tiles. Each tile is blank on the front side. Tangle one side or the other or both.

Check out the Phive Pack if you are looking for Pre-strung tiles.

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Weight 4 g
Dimensions 127 × 127 × 1 mm