Original Zentangle Phi Tile


Custom die-cut 5″ x 3.09″ (127mm x 78mm) rectangular tile made of 100% cotton archival paper.

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Original authentic Zentangle Phi Tile – custom die-cut 5″ x 3.09″ (127mm x 78mm ) rectangular tile made of 100% cotton archival paper, just the right texture for your creations.

For those maths-sies amongst us, and actually those that just prefer a rectangle shape, this tile is the ‘golden ratio’ dimensions and excellent for finding the visual sweet spot within a rectangle shape. (obtained by downloading the Markus Operandus ll ) from Zentangle.com’s Project pack area of their website.  I advise you to watch the first video of Project Pack 11 too  – to see the history behind the Phi tile, and about finding the sweet spots of artistic composition. They have fun with the Fibonacci Maths side of things within nature in the first half of the video, but at the 12 minute mark, they analysis the golden ratio on artwork – it’s fascinating.

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Weight 5 g
Dimensions 127 × 78 mm