Tin of Mini Tiles


A tin of 76 mini tiles for following a prompt list or mini tangling. 31 white, and 15 in black, grey and tan shades.

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A tin full of fun! Whether you want to follow a prompt list of tangles, practice a tangle a day, make your own wee gift tags, or experiment with different coloured tiles,  this tin of fun is perfect for all those options.

If you choose the Bijou there are 48 tiles – 12 each of White, Black, Renaissance and Grey Bijou tiles.

If you choose the my own artist mini tiles you can choose from either the Flower, Circle or Hexagon shaped tiles (the size is approx. 56mm in diameter) and these come in a bundle of mini tiles – 31 white tiles, with 15 each of Black, Grey and Tan shades, (76 tiles in total) so if you want to follow along to a monthly prompt you have enough white tiles for the whole month.

They fit neatly into a little tin handy for taking away on holiday or having a neat stash for mini fun.

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flower, circle, bijou, hexagon