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Extend your Shading and Enhancements!

And finally it has arrived – my Extend your Enhancements! The sister guide to my handy shading guide, both now available to buy on my website, and they can be shipped all over the world*.

SO excited to bring this guide out, covering the traditional ones (Aura, Perfs, Sparkle, Rounding and Dew Drops) as well as ones influenced by other Tanglers creative ideas and new ‘what ifs’ I have come up with over the last 7 years. A collection of over 150 illustrations, suggestions, prompts and ideas to enhance your tangles, it’s a great pocket reference guide of ways to enhance your tangles. The original Shading guide has over 180 illustrations, suggestions, and motivations for shading – so the pair are jam packed with a very large amount of ideas!

* Note I can ship the Extendable guides anywhere are they travel as a letter. But also I now ship other products to Australia – and of course any downloadable lessons are available worldwide.

And to launch this guide, I have recorded a video lesson on just one of these enhancements the humble but very useful ‘Perfs’ – so if you are keen on following along creating your own beautiful reference tile of various perf enhancements, you can buy the “Performing Perfs” video lesson with its handout from my website.