A Fragment of Your Imagination 2023

This year I teamed up with Debbie New, another CZT based in Singapore, to work on a monthly challenge based on drawing tiny fragments for the duration of January.  This is a 31-day journey, created with four Fragment shapes – the Square, Round, Triangle and Seed. This prompt list will let you play with a collection of Fragments inspired by various tangles contributed from CZTs all over the world, and extra bonus Fragments to inspire you too.

A 21 page, full colour, printable PDF guide contains what you will need to join us. The prompts are listed with an visual example and sometimes links to a step-out to the original tangle that inspired it, or it lists the code from the Fragment pages of Zentangle® Primer book.  There are also bonus Fragments and pages of suggested Strings and Reticula for you to use if you wish.

Click here to download the free, 21 page, full-colour, printable PDF.

You can join this challenge in so many different ways: Pick a large string and add to it every day; choose to draw a single tile using the daily fragment; add each fragment to a calendar entry; draw the prompts in sequence (or not); or swap one out to replace it with a fragment of your own imagination! Make this your challenge for the month with initial inspiration from us both!  Free feel to tag your fragment artwork on social media with #FYIC2023 or #7F5RChallenge so that everyone can appreciate your art.

There are options of materials to work with on my website, my new Concertina Project Journals could well be an option! Make this your challenge for the month with initial inspiration from us both!  Free feel to tag your fragment artwork on social media with  #FYIC2023 or #7F5RChallenge


  • Why is it called a “Challenge”?
    A Fragment of Your Imagination is where you are challenging yourself to draw a Fragment every day for a whole month.
  • What are the requirements to join A Fragment of Your Imagination Challenge?
    There are no requirements or rules. You can use any size of paper, type of pen or any other medium. You can tangle on a tile, in your sketchbook, and use any shape or size or colour. We have included suggested Reticulum and Strings to help you if you get stuck with ideas. You definitely do not need to be an artist or have any drawing experience.
  • When does A Fragment of Your Imagination Challenge begin?
    The Challenge begins on 1 January 2023 and ends on 31 January 2023.
  • What if I miss a day?
    There are no time limits with any of the 7F5R Challenges. You may combine various prompts into one larger art piece. Or you may even skip any prompts that do not appeal.
  • What if I don’t like a particular Fragment?
    Both Debbie and I would both encourage you to still try to create something with it. Pushing past your comfort zone and embracing new experiences – and having fun – are all a part of the spirit of all our tangle challenges. If you really dislike a Fragment and if it prevents you from enjoying yourself, by all means, please substitute it with other Fragments that you like. It is your art, after all, it should make you happy.
  • What happens after A Fragment of Your Imagination Challenge ends? Will there be another challenge in February?
    We do not currently have a daily challenge for the month of February. However, the 7F5R Challenge Facebook group CZT-admins host weekly, fortnightly and the Inktober Tangles Challenges in our Facebook group. 7F5R Challenge is also the official Facebook group for A Fragment of Your Imagination Challenge.
  • Is there an official hashtag for A Fragment of Your Imagination Challenge 2023?
    Yes. This year, we are using the hashtag: #FYIC2023

Thank you from Debbie and Ildica

As always, we both enjoy hearing from tanglers all over the world, and would happy to assist with any questions you might have, so feel free to write to Debbie at: or head to my own contact page or visit us on Instagram: Tangled.Pursuits and TangleatioNZ

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